Flame Cutting

From a single piece to high volume jobs

Ryerson SFI Gray Flame Cutting Machine in operation

Extensive line of CNC flame cutting machines

At SFI-Gray, we’re experts in precision flame cutting carbon and alloy steel plate. After all, we’ve been cutting quality parts for customers since 1974. We service a variety of industries with a focus on oil and gas, heavy equipment and industrial applications. We deliver quick turnaround service with our on-site inventory, and extensive line of oxy-fuel and plasma cutting machines. Our skilled operators can complete simple and complex jobs using 11 computer controlled multi-torch oxy-fuel and Titan plasma machines.

Cutting up to 12” thick steel plate

We support a variety of cutting processes and produce superior cut part quality no matter the shape or size required. Oxy-fuel machines are equipped with up to eight torches to handle high volume jobs, and can cut plate up to 12” thick. Cutting capabilities include straight line burning, track burning, custom burning and beveling.

Investing in technology to produce precision parts

A dedicated IT team employs the latest technology solutions to support all areas of manufacturing. Each machine is computerized and networked to allow maximum plate usage and burning efficiency by utilizing AUTO CAD® and SigmaNEST auto-nesting programs. Parts of all shapes and sizes can be nested on a single plate to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Additional processing services

In addition to flame cutting services, SFI-Gray provides steel processing services such as machining, rolling, forming and fabrication work. Secondary processing services for finished parts are available through our ISO program approved partners.